Usually I’m not a big fan of meta products/writing (writing books about writing books), but I couldn’t help myself for this post that is basically writing about writing. I’ve only been publishing posts for about a week, but I’ve been writing for months and saving them in Evernote. I happen to just be someone who enjoys writing, but above the simple joy, I have found that it provides one HUGE benefit.

It helps keep my mind clear.

Writing all the time gives the ideas/thoughts I have each day some place to go. Without it, the ideas gets backed up and my thoughts get jumbled and hazy. Think of it like a dam release in the picture above. It keeps everything from cracking.

I remember making a comment about Seth Godin and how I didn’t know how someone that brilliant got through daily life. I thought they would be riddled with overwhelm about seeing 100 problems and having ideas for how to solve the. A friend of mine commented, “I think that’s why he writes every day. That’s how he handles it.” Now, I’ve never met Seth to ask him, but it makes sense to me.

Why not give it a try? It’s cheap (free in many cases), fast, and there are no limitations on what you can write about. Your brain will thank you.