So I finally got back on Facebook for the first time in a few weeks and I saw this video on several profiles. It seem to be making its way around the internet.

Usually I avoid YouTube comments because they tend to be a haven for haters, but this one was slightly different (don’t get me wrong it still had it’s fair share of trolls). There was comment after comment about how either 1) cool it was to build something from scratch out of wood, stones, clay, etc or 2) how cool the guy was for having the know-how to do it.

Let’s look at both parts.

First, in a world that lives and breathes the latest technology, the physical and the more antiquated still inspire a certain fascination. I know plenty of software engineers that can smile ear to ear after solving a coding problem or building with ones and zeros, but there is something unusually satisfying and primal about doing physical work or just doing something with your hands (recreation, chopping firewood, even cooking).

The second part is all about know-how. More and more I hear people say something along the lines of, “I’ll just google it.” It’s even a word in the dictionary!

google in the dictionary

I think it’s safe to assert that mankind is better than becoming a shallow vessel filled with our latest google query that is speedily discarded. Don’t miss out on what happens when you take ownership of a skill or piece of knowledge. Whether your medium is mud and branches or zeros and ones, you can’t google your way to world-changing ideas.