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a life not scalable

A Life Not Scalable

That’s what I wanted… and I had just said it out loud.

Where did that come from?


I was sitting across a small table from my friend Barrett who also happened to be my business partner at the time. One day earlier we had agreed to shutdown Living for Monday, an online education company for millennials that had filled …

Everything Old is New Again

So I finally got back on Facebook for the first time in a few weeks and I saw this video on several profiles. It seem to be making its way around the internet.

Usually I avoid YouTube comments because they tend to be a haven for haters, but this one was slightly different (don’t get me wrong it still had …

dam release

Releasing the Pressure

Usually I’m not a big fan of meta products/writing (writing books about writing books), but I couldn’t help myself for this post that is basically writing about writing. I’ve only been publishing posts for about a week, but I’ve been writing for months and saving them in Evernote. I happen to just be someone who enjoys writing, but above the …


The Gift of Age

Multi-generational relationships are such undervalued assets in today’s world. We dismiss people younger than us as stupid kids who don’t understand the real world and we get upset with people older than us because they are out of touch and just don’t get it. The truth is that we are the stupid kids who just don’t get it.

Those people …


Themes for 2015

So I do not like New Year’s resolutions. I think most people who make them are asking for trouble. The new year is one of the few times that I encourage people not to be too specific with their goal setting (at least in January). Even for someone like me who likes concrete numbers, using the idea of themes has …

2014 year in review

2014 Year in Review

I’ll admit, I don’t have a profound lead in to this review. Phew. What an exhausting year. It was filled with the good, the bad, and the ugly. Maybe I’ll break it down like that. Hope this inspires you to do your own regular reflections.



Living for Monday

If you had said that I would run operations for …